a formal complaint, no irony lost

if we are one and you are peace
then why do you trouble my sleep
i was centered and expansive and now
i have been awakened too early aching
worried about the pain in my knee
that i think is taking too long to heal
discomfort i’m tired of simply witnessing

i choose also while i’m in this pissy mood
to be concerned about my sore shoulder
with the aggravating bone spur in the socket
how is my faith fixing that i sincerely ask
i think it’s a rather essential part and
should come with a warranty or
allow the consumer to wish the defect away
use the reverse psychology of the law of attraction
is what i meant to say
to bring me the shoulder i want

that you let me feel self-pity at all
while so many others suffer far worse
is what i really cannot understand
do you know how unfair, how uncaring that seems?
good grief dawn is already fading to gray
and we are not even yet out of bed how about
we just drop this for now and talk later
about who is responsible for what i allow?
how do i surrender when you don’t seem to know
how to answer the door yet

i’m still knocking, hello, hello?
as if you don’t play the central part
is it all just my fault again or can i take some credit
that i drag myself up with enough resolve
to faithfully follow the rituals to trust
where they they may lead?
yes dammit i’m finally up, pure self-will
remember giving me that to be mine?
and this IS what i look like when i’m happy

©John Greenleaf-Maple – text and art 6/24/17

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