trophic cascade

here we are in the classroom again
the blank page of infinite possibility
open, white, empty, expectant, patiently
it waits for what will arise from stillness

conception unfolds from a single point
spawns a new organism and with it
all necessary bits of the universe are gathered
everything needed for a limitless trajectory
an outpouring of interdependence that is gently
stirring oceans accompanied by whale song

their massive composers drift to the depths
to dine along the swallowed beach and rise
again toward shafts of light trail fecal plumes
essential to plankton in the photic zone
thus more fish and krill appear to sustain all
who feed from this abundance they bring

all of the world’s wind waves and tides
cannot match their volume of mixing

it is their constant mingling that
is so enriching and can be also for us
when we follow a natural course
trust that all unfolds and forever holds
precisely what we require, that it will ascend
from source when we simply follow our held air
to return to where a rainbow laden spout and spray herald
a grateful inward rush and joyful crash back through mirrored sky

©John Greenleaf-Maple – text and art 6/25/17

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