enough with the memes already
they are simply tapeworms crawling
from one open gaping mouth to another
devouring all trace of original thought

some of them are very tasty though
i will especially miss the ones
that taste so much like bacon
and the chocolate ones trailing behind them
pure love in a lucious crème brûlé slime
they fill us with a sweet warm sense
of having shared something utterly precious
a gift to another of such tender fullness
it needs no meaning to hide its pretense
and we repeat again that yes this is it,
an expression of belief that is the ultimate
benefactor of life, the universe, all mankind

let’s open our mouths and share it in time
that all may receive and know how truly kind
we meant to be in whatever was spoken
we try to recall the message and meaning
but only remember it was long and slithering

©John Greenleaf-Maple 6/22/17
text and art

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