i dream you into focus
a flurry of rain soaked wings
shadows that dissolve into mist
your light is seeping in

soon this dusting of snow
will evaporate sunward
new birds are arriving daily
already some hatchlings
have died in the lawn
our dogs delight
in rolling upon their carcasses
a strong canine predatory instinct

they fetch us the stench of death
still i see somewhat peripherally
at the edge of sense
an almost directly known presence
the atmosphere is growing full
our sun sets the horizon ablazing
on a truly grandiose scale

there is a direct bodily response
energy swirls about the heart
ah, and the warm glow just knows
it is kindred to the stars
and that all light every source
emanates outward from within

in a long stretch of silence
no words can convey
the certainty of this
is known without reason
all of the thinking
dropped casually to the floor
the sensual touch of the world silkily arises
in this indrawn breath
the world is still arriving

©John Greenleaf-Maple – text and art 20180408

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