for me it has never been
through some profound
spiritual transformation

it might have been given through you
or a big dog with dark trusting eyes or
a grove of trees encircling a shaft of light

but i know the world would easily drown me
were it not for beauty or an act of loving kindness
given by someone who is possibly you or you

i don’t understand why we destroy ourselves
with the fervency of our beliefs but we do
we lose the sparkle of our perfection in certitudes

anyway, although there are no words to convey
why i choose to stay here when i am feeling lost
thank you for saving grace possibly given unknowingly

©John Greenleaf-Maple – text and art

5 thoughts on “salvation

  1. every being (people, animal, tree etc) who enters our lives is our teacher. While its so rare and yet so beautiful for someone to say thanks remember you were their teacher as well, so my brother thank you for being my teacher and guide as well. namaste

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