traveling back

we were traveling back
to a non-existent world
after care-taking for months
we were fully present with her
during her final hours and afterwards
packed up the house made arrangements
for things no longer needed
we did all we could to honor
her sacred beautiful life

and now we were traveling back
the first time we really had
to truly feel the pain of loss
the inevitable crash after years
of affirming her wholeness
the perfect unfolding of her path
yes still true for she had gained serenity
and a heart filled with love and gratitude
not once did she protest or give up on life
she was more alive than most when she departed

as the highway continues to reel out
the world begins to recede there is a need
to simply be alone to rest to grieve
we are traveling back to where normalcy
unrest disease unease continue to unwind before us

©John Greenleaf-Maple – text and art 2020/02/13

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