come be with us

let this single voice be lost
among the broken places of me
that have worn me to my knees
may by grace i simply be

here please listen
to the stillness with me
this utter peace is born
here where thought is lain
gently for an instant to rest

come be with me where love’s flame
incinerates our masks and opens our hearts

this gate once open can never be shut
this timeless promise will never be broken
only declared again and again
by those willing to fall within

come be with us beyond your fear
come be seen as you truly are
we will join to celebrate your life and
the sacred within you will rush to greet us

come embrace your limitless possibilities
and release your tortured labored breath
yes you will die but only seemingly
and you will know once the walls

have crumbled sufficiently
that your heart can open
on a shimmering doorway to infinity

come be with us in this sacred place

©John Greenleaf-Maple – text and art 20191007

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