winter solstice

winter solstice full moon rises
hangs huge above the eastern horizon
the chill clear air so still
light is given greater definition

i have this sense of only knowing
things relative to where i am
how our planet corkscrews around a sun
hurtling through space at 450,000 mph

in a giant spiral orbiting Sol
at 70,000 mph racing to catch up
we only see a gentle tug
on the blanket of stars
and are serenely transported along

with our thin film of breathable air
held close to the ground for us
how intertwined we are with a
fragile membrane of balanced elements

and one another as well do we know
that this moment is our only chance
to claim and live our earthly lives?
how can we still feel poor,
standing on our piles of treasure?

©John Greenleaf-Maple – text and art 20181221

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