ready or not

my destiny is entangled
with the seething magma
deep beneath yellowstone park

infrequent geysers are spouting often
foretelling the impending eruption

it is nothing personal,
but mass devastation must occur
in order to make room for the new

our prized possessions
buried in lava and ash
swept away in a flash
no more nation
no more identities
no salvation of the faithful few

maybe a handful will survive
the long worldwide winter
and calamity
that will ensue

all is provided abundantly
almost too comfortably yet
complete destruction absolutely
will return be assured

we all know how stuck we are
how nothing will change
until we’re knocked to our knees

the new will always arrive
ready or not
regardless of whether
we say yes or please

©John Greenleaf-Maple – text and art 20180503

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