a sense of us

i have no sense
that i can err
for all of me
is held within this

i float absorb gills
become more human
in a vast amniotic sea

may you be filled with joy,
blessed mother,
for your joy is my joy
i feel it to the depths
of my soft developing bones

and also in yours
your strong limbs
mine still forming
so inseparably are we joined
your body is also completely me

never can i speak of this
your disbelief in a wordless world
is what i see when i travel deep
within your labyrinthine mind

once like the me that is we
now you dine on a banquet
of thoughts feelings so complex
there is a preverbal problem
with translation
a large unknown separation
floats beyond in blinding light

assured absent of any words
of perfect trusting innocence
i am securely held and nurtured
in this unerring all of me

yet i can sense time approaching
and the incalculable distance
thoughts traveled to believe in you
soon i too will fight for air and forget

©John Greenleaf-Maple – text and art 20180420

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