John Greenleaf-Maple Poetry & Ruminations

mist disappears above the steaming tub
of magnesium infused water some particles stray
down the hall out the window and
right out to the stars 90 tons of atmosphere
every day trails behind us a vaporous path
into the light strewn infinite distance
while here the water within a human skin
a sea held up by a seashell skeleton
forgets where it begins and ends and is content
to sink into and out of itself
leaning into the movements
of celestial bodies not so far away
as to have lost their influence

our space faring compass of water
holds the key to life’s direction
it is our first familiar womb a bath
distended always toward the moon

recently we discovered that its
quantum entangled atoms can pass
right through a solid object
and that locked in rock matrix
near the earth’s core is a volume
three times that of all…

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