celestial celebration

for Macha on her 56th

it is very important
that love poems like this
always be spoken aloud

for the beating heart and quiet breath
are twined in the core of our language
a vibratory code the body knows well

symbols have traveled far were carefully
transmuted to convey to your fierce spirit
the depth of celebration and joy i feel

to simply be in your precious presence
i traveled as vibrating waves through air
through electric ones and zeros and back

but never lost the safeguarded words
the interface and universe are no deterrent
for a living message beamed from the heart

as you can hear this is entirely sincere
in its intent and content oh yes it is
unfailingly devoted to your graceful ways

your kind manner of reassuring all
that love prevails in every trial
that in each and every moment all is well

all is well and all are loved
the world is kept vitally alive by your
glorious smile shining eyes and sacred kiss

all that you are is miraculous
all that you touch is blessed
you are vibrantly here in all that is

which is why words like this
must always be spoken aloud a
resounding strike of an eternal gong

is reverberating through space to infinity
that you may always feel the transmission
of one heart’s true passion for another

cascades of waves collapse to convey
the devotion that faithfully beats
within my chest and now proclaims

joyfully that every syllable you hear
is driven by unbounded appreciation
for the gift of your beautiful being

all the blazing orbits you completed and
all of the stars you traveled among
are glimmering, pulsing in this very moment

here you are shimmering like grace
you’ve arrived at this place to know
that blessings multiply and flow

in a luminescent trail everywhere you go
jewels scintillate in your footsteps and
today we celebrate the beautiful world that

by your radiant essence and tender touch
you have set afire with rising sparks of
spoken sounds full of love and timelessness

©John Greenleaf-Maple – text and art 20180124

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