pissed off

yes i’m all about peace and light,
i’m affirming wholeness in this moment, alright,
but the disappearing me
is plenty pissed off and
would like some control back, goddammit

look around, it says, at an obvious
sea of misery definitely sloshing
toward the deep end this time

how the fuck, for instance,
can my only daughter have stage 4 cancer
and they have nothing further to recommend

a derivative of mustard gas – did you know
that is the basis of all chemo
in this chemical soaked poisonous world
we worsen by the day? yeah, pissed off
doesn’t even begin to describe it,
i am fucking enraged by the whole shitty
slide of events, not to even mention the nightly updates of a world awash and aflame

let’s love now, right in the middle of the bonfire
there is plenty of crap to burn,
of that i can assure you,
and i like it hotter than you
might imagine on an entirely
carnal plane fuck if i care
what it translates to
on some mystical metaphysical dimension
let’s work up some sweat some sweet slick
intertwining of an entirely physical nature
and then write about it in a peaceful way
once we’ve blown off some steam we recall

the calm that was always here
except through that one amazing part
where you did that thing oh right

as we bring our awareness back to the room
we wiggle our fingers and toes such bliss
to have settled into ourselves just as we are
even at pissed times like this

©John Greenleaf-Maple – text and art 9/9/17

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