stroke of insight

there is an area of the brain that keeps us sorted out
from the rest of all that is floating about like the
osage orange tree stretching to the window near me
in the absence of a bit of brain i would see how it
merges with my particles, appearing as seamless energy

which raises the question of how much less indifferently
might we live if we directly perceived how truly we are one
indivisible in appearance but for the little filter we apply
to create edges and outlines where none exist, and why i ask
do we do this in such a permanent seeming way, why not switch
when there is no danger of walking into a wall and if we could
see the entangled skin of every hue it seems we would not worry once
about illusory boundaries we draw around things with our neurons

©John Greenleaf-Maple – text and art 7/13/17

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