passing days

yes I would say they are endless,
the moments filled with grace but
as far as a balmy sunlit earth
that is just a passing notion of course
it disappears yet the entire universe
lives on just fine
with no reference whatsoever
to how earthlings measured time
if you don’t believe me
then please relax and close your eyes
in utter stillness with nothing to analyze
do you scurry to and fro?
Count the hours to our demise?
i thought not so.

i really just want us to remember, to honor
the source of timelessness, being and all the rest
maybe share how we are blessed,
pause to be awed and humbled by what we do
when we stand aside and let arise
whatever below might ascend into view

that’s when it truly begins
the masks start burning off like morning mist
vaporous wisps that intertwine collapse and
are reborn as quivering liquid light
that now rolls languorously along
the gently sloping living lawn
to thirsty mouths, to me and you

©John Greenleaf-Maple 6/12/17

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