Fish love vs Love

Fish love is based on fulfilling one’s needs through another, or seeking to complete oneself through a partner, a form of gratification (like taking a fish from water to consume it). True love is based on giving, not in expectation of a return, but because love precedes it, i.e., because I first love you, I give you something, a part of myself. Then I am invested in you; we share something meaningful.

This is why I want to occasionally speak a few small words of heartfelt appreciation, that Love, through bravery, will keep expanding across the vast plains of commonality that we all share together. The point, though, is that bravery is needed and is indeed an indicator of where the possible lies. Where it is required, there we must go, for on the other side is the gift of transformation and greater connection, a treasure truly worth finding and sharing. Do the scary thing to genuinely share your heart with others. Although you won’t be asking for it, love will return to you many-fold, and all the world around you will be a better one because of it.

3 thoughts on “Fish love vs Love

  1. We bask in the abundance of the Love we let shine from our hearts and upon our tear-streaked faces. We are One — each and every — One ❤🔥


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