Spirit Fire

Ah, the memories of our last meeting:
swirling campfire sparks, smoldering blankets,
sunglasses at night to deter blinding smoke,
gales of gusty wind and choking laughter,
the surprisingly cold shiver on skin arising
from metal benches cooled by brisk wind.

Today, breathing sweet spring sunshine,
I remember how we first hesitantly showed up,
uncertain flickering candles among circled chairs
full of disappointments and hopes wary
of baring souls unless another first dared.
Yet slowly courage and authenticity brought forth
expanding light, this brilliant sphere I now see,
a golden radiance in place of former doubt and worry.

It is not “special love,” for all are welcome,
but when I have shared the heart of my heart,
the very deepest part I ever dared entrust
to another to hear and understand,
and when this same holy light
is reflected from the souls of others,
their most valued trust also placed with me,
something greater than any individual
opens a gate, an unexpected new reality,
a greater depth and dimensionality
of firelit warmth we will always share,
and a knowledge that we still remain there,
that regardless of circumstance or uncertainty
there will always be this changeless indivisibility.

©John Greenleaf-Maple 3/22/17

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