I’ve been thinking about suicide prevention, #resist vs #persist, and the law of attraction. The question that arises is, what are we moving toward that fills us with life? What brings us joy? And if we don’t feel it, or feel at all, what story are we telling ourselves that prevents us from moving toward happiness? Is that story actually true, or is it what we have learned to use as a defense against being hurt? Or is it a story about ourselves we have come to believe because we were told we were not enough, not worthy? What if we used a different story? Or do we need any story about who we should be at all? Are we ever able to pause long enough to consider WHAT we are?
So now I may start sounding a little preachy about suicide prevention, but since I’ve dealt with it all of my life and my life is fairly long, I am entitling myself.
Think of what love and effort you would extend to help a friend or relative in need, or a small child or baby. It’s important to love yourself at least that much. To think of it another way, what your heart really wants is worth doing. Don’t keep yourself locked away from your dreams. The critic in your mind is weak because it is only a thought, and thoughts can be changed. You have all the power you need to move into a better neighborhood in your head, the only place where your perceived reality takes place.

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