Apparently Under the Influence of Angels

This blog is mostly about what happens when love and genuine human connection drive out fear, and the mysterious things that follow. Many of us have dealt with confidence issues of one sort or another as we grew up, and one of the easiest things to squelch in ourselves as a result is the public expression of our creativity. Amazingly, though, as friends and I have had opportunity within safe groups to discuss such things with one another authentically, a lot of people have just been busting loose lately, doing all kinds of things they’ve never tried before, or had just put on the back burner.

When a fellow writer posted his WordPress link, I realized I had actually created an account of my own some three years or so ago and had never utilized it. Maybe, I thought, I should put my writing out there, and I could certainly use a central place to maintain it, but, that would be like being pretty public, and would anyone really want to read it anyway, etc. The day got busy, that went totally to back of mind, but at a service later that evening, a friend who was a bit under the weather showed up last minute in the last row behind me and immediately tells me that I should start a blog because she would totally follow it, seriously. So yeah, now here it is. I commented that it was very surreal and reminisicient of angels the way the whole thing transpired, because when the service was over this friend was long gone before I could even say goodbye. I guess telling you specifically what to do and #byebyealready are comfortable aspects of a real New Yorker. But it was strange, and very kind. And then today, more angels.

On the drive home last night, I was thinking of calling my Aunt Bonnie, who I’d not had the pleasure of speaking with for eight or nine months, but thought it might be too late for her. One of the things we enjoy talking about is spirituality. Today, I had just sat down after tending to the dogs with the intention of calling her, like right then, when a little thing about angels and karma popped into my Messenger inbox – from her. It was kind of a rambling thing that was hard to follow, but it was important to forward to 14 people right away. Aunt Bonnie is in assisted living care now, and I think has sent me maybe three messages in her entire life. I point this out only because it makes this message and its exact timing very improbable because she just doesn’t post or text in general, especially as her hands have become less nimble. Anyway, it had angels in it and had arrived synchronistically with my thoughts about calling her, plus there was the sudden appearance, disappearance of my friend with a message mentioned above. Who am I to argue? I’ve never forwarded one of those things that says forward to so many people within such and such a time in my entire life, but I just did it today if for no other reason than because of all these recent synchronicities. Yay, throw some confetti and light some fireworks! I am totally convinced on the whole angel matter now. The illogicality of it is a big attention-grabber.

Mom is one of my angels, and the silver hummingbird that I wear is in honor of her. She did point out a time or two that sometimes it was hard to get my attention. OK, alright already, I can see now how that might be true. Regardless, I do enjoy living in this miraculous world of connectedness.

May the angels surrounding you now, angels to the right and left of you, angels in front and behind, angels above and below, bathe you in grace and open before you all possiblities. May their peace suffuse your heart with love.

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