an old looking dude with a long white beard
waits in line at the drugstore check-out
crows feet around his dark brown eyes
that are lost in some interior distance
of remembrance or forgetfulness i have to
wonder if he knows his whereabouts

and then it comes back to me
that i have seen this body before
in fact have worn it all my life
or so the one believes
who patiently waits

looks about and smiles then again departs
into spaciousness where commerce transpires
and fluorescent light, bright advertising, aisles of gleaming goods are holy accolades
everything arranged not as it should be,
but as it is, simply this

he seems rather blissfully mystified,
the old guy waiting for his turn,
like he woke up today to a whole new world
full of glittering brand new and spontaneous
like he is shopping in the very same store also another somewhat like it somewhere else

©John Greenleaf-Maple – text and art 7/25/17

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